Hiking across the Vallunga to the Cir mountains

Alpine walk across the Crespeina high-plateau in the Puez-Odle nature park.

The parking space (subject to charge) at the entrance of the Vallunga in Selva Gardena is starting point for our alpine tour. The first section takes us across the fantastic Vallunga, on a pleasant hiking trail with a great view on the Stevia rock face and the Puez mountains on the left as well as the Chedul mountains the Col Turon on the right side of the valley. At the head of the valley, a narrow and exhausting trail takes us up to the Forcella de Ciampac, located 600 m higher than we are now.

Once reached this ridge we have overcome the hardest part of the tour and more than half of the way. Now we continue across the highland of Crespeina and walk towards the Forcella Crespeina on the trail n°2. We walk by the fantastic Crespeina lake, then again the way up to the cross at the highest point. Here we enjoy an overwhelming view on the Cir pinnacles and the Mont de Seura, in the middle the light green Chedul valley stretches. A breathtaking scenery. On the trail underneath the Cir saddle we continue our walk, from here we can see the Cir mountains, which are pinnacles of Dolomite stone rising into the sky like fabulous creatures. Across this legendary landscape we walk towards the Passo Gardena, strictly speaking to the Rif. Jimmy. From this mountain hut we walk up to the Dantercepies funicular, which takes us down to Selva Gardena. From the lower terminus, we walk the last metres to the entrance of the Vallunga, our starting point.

The impressions in the high-alpine mountain landscape of the Puez-Odle mountain range were amazing in this tour, even if it is quite exhausting. For all those who would like to do this tour: on the above mentioned course, there are no mountain huts or possibilities to stop until you reach the Rif. Jimmy, so we highly recommend you to take beverages and food with you in your rucksack.

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If you would like to do this tour, please inform yourselves in advance on the current conditions.

Starting point: Selva Gardena, parking space at the entrance of the Vallunga
Path: Vallunga - Forcella de Ciampac - Crespëina high-plateau - Forcella Crespëina - Passo Cir - Passo Gardena
Trails: 14, 14A, 2, 12A
Length of the tour: about 12.5 km
Walking time: about 5 hours
Altitude difference: 1,090 m
Altitude: 1,590 - 2,530 m asl
Experienced: August 2010
Further information: Tourist office Selva Gardena, tel. +39 0471 777900, selva@valgardena.it

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