Climbing and mountaineering

The peaks of the Dolomites have an appeal with climbers of all over the world.

Mountaineering and climbing! Even though the way up might be fairly challenging, the sunny mountains of the Dolomites attract numerous tourists year by year. Climbers and mountaineers can look forward to special kind of experience, across high mountain ridges and up the steepest rock faces.

All hiking, mountain and sports enthusiasts may take part in a special event: Ask for a hiking pass in the local tourism office and collect points by hiking to mountain refuges or selected Alpine huts. Depending on the number of refuges you visit you will be awarded a bronze, silvern or gold medal, the so-called Cristal d’Or.

Take the challenge and enjoy yourselves!

  1. Mountain guides

    Mountain guides

    Participate in one of the fascinating tours that are organised in the Valgardena…
  2. Adventure Park Col de Flam

    Adventure Park Col de Flam

    An exciting experience for the whole family, the Adventure Park Col de Flam…
  3. Climbing walls

    Climbing walls

    Valgardena offers several possibilities to exercise vertical sports.
  4. Via ferrata Sass Rigais

    Via ferrata Sass Rigais

    From the mountain station of the Col Raiser funicular to the summit of the Sass…
  5. Karl Unterkircher

    Karl Unterkircher

    An extreme alpinist and mountain guide who fought for his dreams and who merged in…

Suggested accommodations

  1. Hotel Alpenheim

    Hotel Alpenheim

  2. Hotel Grien

    Hotel Grien

  3. B&B Hotel Concordia

    B&B Hotel Concordia

  4. Cavallino Bianco

    Cavallino Bianco

  5. Garni Mariandl

    Garni Mariandl

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