Museums and exhibitions

Those who love culture and handicrafts will be enchanted by the offer in the Val Gardena valley.

The local museum of the valley, also called “Museum de Gherdeina”, is housed in the centre of Ladin language and culture in Ortisei, providing an insight into the culture of this Ladin valley on two levels.

The sculpture fair “Unika”, staged in the tennis centre of Roncadizza, exhibits unique pieces of art in wood. In fact the wood carvers of Valgardena are famous beyond borders for this special handicraft. Moreover in the congress centre, there is an exhibition called “Art52″, presenting unique carved wood sculptures as well as paintings, the whole year round.

  1. Val Gardena Heritage Museum

    Val Gardena Heritage Museum

    The Museum Gherdeina in the “Cesa di ladins”, provides an insight into aspects of…
  2. Unika exhibition and Art Gallery

    Unika exhibition and Art Gallery

    The Sculptor’s Fair “Unika” makes you admire the local sculptor’s unique pieces of art.
  3. Art52 Art Exhibition

    Art52 Art Exhibition

    Art52 is the permanent exhibition of the Val Gardena art handicrafts in the…
  4. The Heide Crib Museum

    The Heide Crib Museum

    In the Heide Crib Museum in Pontives near Ortisei, scenes of the most famous…
  5. Larger than life-sized Christmas crib

    Larger than life-sized Christmas crib

    In the sports centre Iman, there is a larger than life-sized Christmas crib,…
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