Slackline Park

In Val Gardena a new park entirely dedicated to the slacklining has been inaugurated, this is a new trendy sport.

Dancing on an elastic rope… this could be the description of slack-lining. The slack-line is the new trendy sport that consist in keeping the balance, walking on a line which is from 2,5 to 5 cm large. This sport has been founded by two climbers Adam Grosowsky and Jeff Ellington in the Yosemite Natural Park in California and it has been imported in Europe in the 80s.

Contrary to the equilibrists, who walk on a taut rope, the “slackers” walk on a nylon line which is slack. The discipline has evolved two distinct disciplines: low-lining and high-lining, depending on the height of the rope. Low-lining is the easiest version: the line is not high, with little consequence for falling.
The new slack-line park in Selva Gardena is open since 2011 and it gives many opportunities to try and improve this new sport. The shorter lines are suitable for the beginners, while the experts will enjoy the longer lines. In the park there is also the “Rodeo Line”, which is a particular division of slack-lining. In the Slackline Park in Selva Gardena there are only low-lines. It is necessary to bring your own slack-line.

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