The villages of the Val Gardena with their castles, museums and nature highlights, invite to discover the local beauty.

In the Val Gardena there are many excursion destinations that are really worth a visit, such as the St Jacob’s Church, the Uhrerhof Rosarium or the Puez-Odle Nature Park. By the way, the Museum Gherdëina in Ortisei tells about the animated past of the Ladin Dolomite valley.

  1. The Dolomites

    The Dolomites

    Part of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Sites since 2009, the Pale Mountains…
  2. Castles


    The traces of the two-thousand-year history of the Val Gardena can be seen - and…
  3. Sights


    Those who are interested in culture are warmly invited to visit the castles and…
  4. Museums and exhibitions

    Museums and exhibitions

    Those who love culture and handicrafts will be enchanted by the offer in the…
  5. Tradition and culture

    Tradition and culture

    Customs and traditions are of utmost importance in Val Gardena valley.