The Dolomites

Part of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Sites since 2009, the so-called “pale mountains” enchant with bizarre rock formations.

Skiing, beautiful mountains, a long winter, hikes, nature parks, peace and serenity, a stunning natural beauty - countless images come to our minds when thinking about the Dolomites. Mystical legends and myths characterise these famous mountains…

The well-known Tre Cime di Lavaredo peaks - known as the “Drei Zinnen” in German - date back some 200 millions of years and the mountains of the Dolomites arouse 40 millions of years ago. The pale Dolomite limestone gave these mountains their name. And what is most fascinating: Still today, valuable fossils may be found on the high mountains of the Dolomites.

By the way: the Dolomites have been officially added to the list of the UNESCO world heritage list on June 26, 2009, not only due to their beauty, but also because of the insight into the history of earth they provide. Congratulations!

  1. Sella Mountain Group

    Sella Mountain Group

    From the Plan de Gralba you can perfectly see the enormous alpenstock of the Sella…
  2. Sassolungo Mountain Group

    Sassolungo Mountain Group

    The Sassolungo mountain range could be considered the borderline between the Val…
  3. Sciliar Massif

    Sciliar Massif

    The characteristic form of the Santner and Euringer peaks make the Scilar become…
  4. Puez-Odle Nature Park

    Puez-Odle Nature Park

    Extended hikes and stunning sun-drenched sceneries, that’s what you are going to…
  5. The Val Gardena

    The Val Gardena

    The Val Gardena opens up new horizons in terms of mountain landscapes.
  6. Respect the environment

    Respect the environment

    Nature cannot be called our own, but we are glad to experience its beauty and…

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