gardena winter
gardena winter

Panoramic pictures

The 360° panoramic pictures provide a great view on the Val Gardena valley and its surroundings with the peaks of the mighty Dolomites. Enjoy the view!

  1. Passo Gardena mountain pass
    dolomiten groednerjoch panorama new

    Passo Gardena mountain pass

  2. Passo Sella mountain pass
    dolomiten sellajoch panorama new

    Passo Sella mountain pass

  3. Mount Pic
    dolomiten picberg panorama new

    Mount Pic

  4. Mount Cir
    dolomiten cirspitze new panorama

    Mount Cir

  5. Seceda 1
    dolomiten seceda new panorama

    Seceda 1

  6. Seceda 2
    dolomiten seceda panorama new

    Seceda 2

  7. Col Raiser in winter
    dolomiten colraiser panorama new

    Col Raiser in winter

  8. Rasciesa in winter
    groeden raschoetz resciesa gardena winter

    Rasciesa in winter

  9. Alpe di Siusi in winter
    seiser alm seiseralm winter panorama saltria seiseralm winter

    Alpe di Siusi in winter

  10. Sella Group from Mt. Sass Pordoi
    trentino sas pordoi sella panorama sella pordoi

    Sella Group from Mt. Sass Pordoi

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