The ancient murals in the valley are testimonies of an animated history.

Testimonies of the history of Valgardena are not only culture and language, but also the castles and ancient murals. Generally speaking, there are three main castles, the Castel Gardena, Stetteneck Castle and Castel Wolkenstein. Moreover at the entrance to the valley, there is one of the most famous castles of South Tyrol, the Trostburg.

Hand in hand with the history of the valley, come and feel like a knight in the Mediaeval period.

  1. Gardena Castle

    Gardena Castle

    Between Selva Gardena and S. Cristina, there is the Renaissance building of Castel…
  2. Wolkenstein Castle

    Wolkenstein Castle

    Like an eyrie, the Mediaeval castle named after the minestrel Oswald von…
  3. Stetteneck Castle ruin

    Stetteneck Castle ruin

    The castle of Knight Gebhard von Stetteneck dropped down a gorge in the Mediaeval period.
  4. Trostburg Castle

    Trostburg Castle

    Above Ponte Gardena, there is a castle called Trostburg, open to the public. Its…

Suggested accomodation

  1. House Zehentner

    House Zehentner

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