Ice and snow sculptures contest

Every year in January, wonderful ice sculptures can be admired in Ortisei, whereas the village of Selva Gardena shows its snow sculptures in December.

Traditionally, every winter the village of Ortisei organises a very special event: at the beginning of the year it hosts an ice sculptures contest, where five artists create their masterpiece out of an ice block of 3×3×3 metres, focusing on different themes each year.

Some weeks before, every artist has to present two wood models to a jury, who chooses the one to be realised. The winner of the contest is finally chosen by the residents and tourists, who vote for their favourite sculpture.

In Selva Gardena, however, at the end of every year the snow sculptures contest takes place, an event of the “Mountain Christmas” programme. Since the early Nineties local artists and sculptors have met in the village to realise their artworks once a year in snow instead of wood.

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