Nature protection

Nature cannot be called our own, but we are glad to experience its beauty and should therefore protect it.

Everyone should show responsible when it comes to preserving and protecting nature. Recreate with minimum impact, respect the environment and allow for future use of the outdoors by leaving it better than you found it, is of utmost importance:

* Take care of the meadows and Alpine pastures and keep walking on the marked walking tracks!
* Do not leave any rubbish!
* Do not pick protected flowers!
* Do not disturb the wildlife by making unnecessary noise!
* Observe the rules of the nature park!
* Stay on the designated trails when cycling or biking throughout the nature park!
* Do not light any fires!
* Your four-legged friend has to be kept on a lead and scoop the poop of your dog!
* Picking mushrooms is regulated by local laws: every adult is allowed to pick 1 kg of mushrooms per day and this on even numbered days only, a permission is however required, which can be applied for in the local post offices or the Selva Gardena tourist board!
* Picking mushrooms is forbidden in the municipality of Ortisei!

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