Odle Group

Between Funes and the Val Gardena, amidst the Puez-Odle Nature Park, the Odle Group with Mt Sass Rigais is located.

The Odle Group consists of two large parts: the Odle Peaks east of the Pana wind gap impress with their high and striking cliffs. In Ladin they are called Odles what means needles. The second part, the foothills with Mt Seceda, are flatter.

Numerous hiking paths, mountain bike tracks and via ferrata routes like the Sass Rigais Via Ferrata, named after the highest mountain of the Odle Group, can be found in this part of the Dolomites. Beautiful mountain huts are located between the gigantic mountains. One of them, the in summer and winter opened Odle mountain hut, is accessible via Santa Maddalena/Funes.

In winter plenty of cross-country ski tracks stretch through the Puez-Odle Nature Park and offer gorgeous panoramic views on the mountains. The Odle Group often is mentioned together with the neighbouring Puez Group to the east and forms with it the same-named nature park.

Highest peak: Mt Sass Rigais (3,025 m asl)
Further important peaks: Mt Furchetta (Big and Small Furchetta), Mt La Porta, Mt Fermeda (Big and Small Fermeda), Mt Campanile di Funes

  1. Sass Rigais

    Sass Rigais

    The 3,025 m high Sass Rigais (Sas Rigais in Ladin) in the Puez-Odle Nature Park is…
  2. Furchetta


    The Furchetta (Furcheta in Ladin) is neighbouring the Odle Peaks with Mt Sass…
  3. Fermeda


    The 2,873 m high Big Fermeda and the Small Fermeda are important peaks of the Odle Group.

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