Santa Cristina Parish Church

The Santa Cristina Parish Church, built in the 14th century, is the oldest church of the Val Gardena valley.

Already in the 12th century, a chapel dedicated to Santa Cristina was located at the same place. In the 14th century, a church was mentioned for the first time, all Romanesque details from the bell tower to the roof are still clearly recognizable. The presbytery dates from the Gothic period, further parts were completed and extended through the centuries.

The church is dedicated to Saint Anthony Abt (17th of January) and Saint Christina of Bolsena (24th of July). It is located on the church square and near the early historic high route “Troi Paian”. The church is accessible via three portals, the main entrance can be reached across a stone bridge.

Inside the church, several cultural sights can be admired, among them the high altar from 1690, done by the famous sculptor family Vinazer. The altar shows the apostles Peter and Paul from Christian Trebinger (16th - 17th century, the first documented sculptor of the Val Gardena valley). Also impressive is the classicistic bronze statue of the Saint Philomena in the ossuary, a work of Johann Dominik Mahlknecht as well as the painting “The baptism of Christ and St. Martin” from Josef Arnold the Elder (1788 – 1879).

Opening hours:
free access during the day

Further information:
Parish Ortisei, phone: +39 0471 793343

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