Walking tour on the former railway line

The comfortable walking trail called „La ferata de Gherdëina“ leads along the former Val Gardena railway line from S. Cristina to Ortisei.

The Val Gardena Railway was constructed long time ago, when the region was part of the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy. In its 44 years in which it was operating, it strongly influenced the valley. The railway was running from 1916 to 1960 and was completed in record time. In fact, construction was started in September 1915 and in February 1916 the railway was officially inaugurated. 6.000 Russian soldiers who were prisoners during the World War did this great work.

Today, the still existing railway line is a nice path, which starts near the Cisles Street in S. Cristina and leads you to Ortisei after a 3.5 km walk. On this comfortable way with panoramic view, you will find several information boards with historical pictures, which explain the Val Gardena Railway history. This path was created in order to not forget one of the most important chapters of Val Gardena’s history and to tell its fascinating railway story.

Length of the path: 3.5 km
Drop: 100 m
Walking time: about 1 hour (each direction)
Walkable with baby buggy: yes
Walkable during winter: yes

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